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Please note that the State of CT Department of Consumer Protection's Real Estate Commission has licensing/continuing education authority, not CTR. Any questions regarding pre-licensing, licensing or continuing education requirements should be directed to:

Department of Consumer Protection
165 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, Connecticut 06106-1630

Main Telephone: (860) 713-6150
Toll-Free: (800) 842-2649
TDD: (860) 713-7240
Fax: (860) 713-7239

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NOTE: Broker Requirements changed as of July 1, 2016

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For additional information visit the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection website.
State of Connecticut Continuing Education Requirements for Salespeople and Brokers
Every two years, the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection's Real Estate Commission requires licensees to complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education (CE).

For 2018:

The State of CT DCP has announced that a 100% audit will be performed on all Salespersons and Brokers licensed in CT to determine that all licensees have complied with and satisfied the requirements stated below:
  • 3 Hours "Fair Housing" (mandatory for 2016-2018 CE cycle). Not all Fair Housing classes meet this requirement (It should specifically say it’s the mandatory class for 2016-2018).
  • 9 Hours of approved Real Estate Elective courses.


You may elect to pass a 40-question Connecticut Continuing Education Examination administered by PSI. Contact the testing company (PSI) directly at 1-800-733-9267 or visit

CE courses must be completed before the expiration of your license:
  • Broker licenses expire on March 31, 2018
  • Salesperson licenses expire on May 31, 2018

Continuing Education Requirements for Brokers and Salespersons

Am I required to complete CE?

What if I am a reciprocal license holder?

What if I am a referral only agent?

All license holders must complete CE prior to every even-year renewal.  You are only exempt if you PASSED A LICENSING EXAM during the CE period. The 2018 CE renewal period for Salespersons is 6/1/16-5/31/18 and for Brokers is 4/1/16-3/31/18.

If you have an active license in another state AND complete FULL CE for that state, then you may use that in lieu of completing additional CE.  However, if you are exempt from ANY PORTION of the state’s CE, then you must complete Connecticut’s full CE.  You may be asked to provide evidence of licensure and CE certificates for the other state. All license holders must complete CE.  Choosing to only utilize your license for referrals does NOT exempt you from Connecticut CE requirements.

How to obtain continuing education/pre-licensing education credits:
1) Both Salespeople and Brokers are required to fulfill three hours of mandatory Continuing Education (CE) credit and nine hours of elective CE credit. You can take the elective classes online at your own convenience. Please contact your local board to see when the Fair Housing class will be offered in-person. Click here to view CTR's online course selections.

2) Continuing education credit is also available for Designation and Certification Classes. You can fulfill the CE Elective Credit requirements by earning a Designation or Certification today. Check the REALTOR® Designations page of our website and see what advanced education will assist you in your business.