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How to Get CT Real Estate License

Have a CT real estate license and want to practice in another state?
Click here to see a list of states with Reciprocity Agreements with Connecticut.

Have a real estate license in another state and want a Reciprocal license in CT? 
Click here for the application and prerequisites.

In order to sit for the salesperson's license real estate exam, you must successfully complete a 60 hour, in-person Real Estate Principles and Practices Course that meets the minimum requirements as set forth by the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Real Estate Commission. Subject matter includes:

  • Real Property and the Law
  • Concepts of Home Ownership
  • Agency
  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Listing Agreements and Buyer Representation
  • Interests in Real Estate and Forms of Real Estate Ownership
  • Legal Documents
  • Transfer of Title and Title Records
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Leases and Property Management
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Land Use Controls and Property Development
  • Fair Housing and Ethics Practices
  • Environment Issues and Closing the Real Estate Transaction
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Connecticut Licensing Law
  • Real Estate Taxes & Liens
  • Real Estate Contracts

While the course is intended to prepare individuals to take the Connecticut Real Estate Salesperson's exam, it is also an excellent choice for those who wish to gain more detailed knowledge about the home buying and home selling process.

A basic calculator will be required for the course. This program meets the minimum requirements as set forth by Connecticut's Real Estate Commission.

Where to Take the Principles and Practices Course

Currently, CTR does not offer the Principles and Practices course. Here are a few options for locating a course offering near you:

  • Community Colleges - Look for a 60-hour in-person Real Estate Principles and Practices class “approved for pre-licensing”
  • Local REALTOR Boards - Click here for a list of local Boards/Associations throughout Connecticut who may be offering the course or can direct you to course offerings in their area.
  • Local Real Estate Offices - Many times local real estate offices are aware of the course offerings in their area.
  • Generate a Roster of Approved Schools/Classes - Click this link from the State of CT to do a search of approved schools/classes in Connecticut. Follow these steps when generating your roster.
  1. On the upper righthand side click ONLINE SERVICES and then click on GENERATE ROSTERS
  3. Check off the bottom box that says “REAL ESTATE PRE-LICENSE COURSES”…  scroll all the way to the bottom and hit CONTINUE. 
  4. This will prompt you to download an excel spreadsheet which shows all the Pre-License classes (for salespersons and brokers).  Look for a 60-hour Principles and Practices. 

    These are the schools that have a class approved and the location of the school.  They MAY offer classes in other locations so don’t necessarily go based on that location.

Click here for a list of Salesperson and Broker Pre-licensing requirements.

Questions regarding your current license should be directed to the Connecticut Real Estate Commission: 860-713-6150.