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Don't miss this historic event. REALTORS®, friends, family or anyone who would like to help make a statement to give us a Connecticut to sell are welcome to attend. Lunch and food truck options are included in this FREE event. Visit for more info and to register online.


Important CT REALTORS® News Report - Watch Now!

Attend the CT REALTORS Rally on Tuesday, May 9 at Bushnell Park. Visit for more info and to register online.


CT REALTORS® Mannequin Challenge

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May 9, 2017 - Bushnell Park


Sea Lions Clara and Ripley at Home

Last year CT REALTORS® helped two young Sea Lions get a new home at Mystic Aquarium. They've grown up and have acclimated well to their new place. How are Clara and Ripley doing in their new digs? Check out their video to the left. Click here for more about Clara and Ripley.



Impacting Legislation Can Be as Easy as "Click, Click, Send"!

Please take notice when you receive a Call For Action email from CTR or NAR. With just a few clicks, you can take action on important real estate issues.  This is a very effective way to get the REALTOR® voice heard by lawmakers.

You may also text "REALTOR" to 30644 or sign up online to receive REALTOR® Party mobile text alerts.  Just a few times a year you will receive a text notification for our Calls for Action.




New Benefit for CT REALTORS: Inman Select Subscription

Inman Select, an exclusive real estate news service, connects you to the latest news, powerful insights and a community of real estate leaders. It is now a complimentary feature for Connecticut REALTORS®. You can choose to receive any or all of the following options: *Inman Daily Headlines | *Inman Weekly Headlines | *Special Reports | *News Article Archives | *Inman Video Vault | *Inman Select Webinars | *Inman Connect Live Stream. Contact David Pendrys at the CTR office to start your complimentary subscription today.



Check it out. We teamed up with the WWE for a little neighborly fun…

WWE calls Connecticut home, and now so do the Millers and they received a little help moving. A video has been created especially for REALTORS® to share on social media to help promote the value of using a REALTOR®.  Click here to view, share or download the video.

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March Shows Rise in Home Sales and Prices

Connecticut REALTORS is providing monthly home sales and townhouse/condominium sales statistics to the media. Here is the March 2017 release.

Click here for the press release.
Click here for a larger view of the infographic.


Info and Advisory on Concrete Foundations

You can find the electronic and print versions of CTR’s Foundations Advisory issued on 11/20/15, and revised on 6/16/16 at our website through the links below.

There are now two versions of the form, one for sellers and one for buyers. The seller’s electronic and seller’s print versions, and buyer’s electronic and buyer’s print versions are available through these links. Both seller’s and buyer’s electronic versions and are expected to be available in the coming weeks in our CTR Forms Library with zipLogix.

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) issued a press release on 1/7/2016 updating the public on the status of the State's scientific and other research to determine the scope and extent of a problem with reported crumbling concrete foundations. The release includes, "In furtherance of that investigation, the agencies have now entered into an agreement with a concrete expert from the University of Connecticut to conduct a scientific investigation into the cause of the reported crumbling foundations. That investigation is expected to yield preliminary conclusions in the Spring of 2016. It is anticipated that the expert will evaluate a sampling of testing results, as well as a variety of other information."

Since that time, DCP has added a page to their site titled About Concrete Foundations and our Investigation which includes additional general information and resources for the public about this topic. The page includes links to their two brochures covering facts about concrete, the link to file a complaint, links to each of the press releases from November 2015, and two from May 2016, the home inspector advisories, insurance information, the link to the Agreement between DCP and the companies JJ Mottes Company and Becker Construction Company, and the Residential Property Condition Disclosure Report link.

Also included on this general page is an update on the investigation they commissioned to determine the cause of the crumbling foundations. As of their last update to the page on 5/9/2016, they report “The state has hired a civil engineer whose area of expertise is concrete. Our expert and his team have started taking core samples from crumbling foundations in Eastern Connecticut and are testing and analyzing them to determine the cause of the deterioration and help determine how many homeowners are impacted. We have determined through our investigation that pyrrhotite is a factor in crumbling foundations, and our investigation continues to search for other conditions that contribute to deteriorating foundations. We expect our investigation to conclude in the fall of 2016.” The entire update may be reviewed online.

Reminder About Foundations Disclosures:
The Sellers Residential Property Condition Disclosure Report (available in our forms library through Ziplogix) includes extensive sections for sellers to disclose known material defects or problems with many aspects of their property, including Foundation issues which are inclusive of cracks.


NAR Dues-Based Member Benefit - Ziplogix

Connecticut REALTOR® members are now able to get CTR forms at no cost through the zipForm easy-to-use software, as a NAR dues-based benefit. This option now replaces the PDF and fillable forms formerly on our website. Click here to read our FAQ and get started.

Foreclosure by Market Sale FAQ

Effective January 1, 2015 a new law went into effect providing an additional method of foreclosure which will support the real estate market by selling residential properties in a pending foreclosure at market prices, including the ability to market in the MLS.  Foreclosures by Market Sale are overseen and then approved by the Court in order to close the sale while the property is in foreclosure. Please check out the FAQ for more complete information on the process. Also note that as this is a new concept, as more experience is developed with the actual process this information is likely going to expand or change. CTR continues to appreciate all the hard work of our members that went into making this legislation a reality.

Updated Flood Site Now Available

CTR has updated our site on flood issues to give you and the public information about flood insurance, preparedness, plus national and state resources related to flood issues.  You are welcome to include the CTR logo on your company and/or agent sites and to link directly to that page.